Parish Funds

It costs approx £90,000 each year to run our Parish and this does not include exceptional expenditure for repairs and the like.  Clearly we need regular income to meet these costs.

Our congregation and others very generously contribute to our funds and we organise social events to raise money.  Our preferred method of support is to receive payments monthly or quarterly by standing order and many of our congregation and of the Parish give very generously in this way.  If you would like to give by standing order please contact our Treasurer Sally Hunt on 01372 727385 or send an eMail via the Contact Us page to request a form.


It is very important to make a Will in order to ensure that your money and belongings pass on the the people and causes that you care about.  When making a Will the decisions as to which people and which good causes you wish to make gifts to are very personal ones.  Gifts to charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax so if your estate is liable to the imposition of this tax such gifts are very tax efficient.  If you would be willing to provide for a gift to The Parish of Headley with Box Hill in your Will that would be marvellous and would help to ensure the continuing upkeep of our churches and churchyard into the future.  The Parish registered charity number is 1151029.  If you would like further information on this subject please contact our Treasurer or Churchwardens via the Contact Us page.