APCM Meetings



At St Mary’s Church, Headley & via Zoom  

7.30 pm TUESDAY 4th MAY 2021


                                                                       RESULTS OF ELECTIONS






Deanery of EPSOM 


At the Annual Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Parochial Church Meeting of  the above parish held on 29 APRIL 2021



The following were elected as Churchwardens:







The following were elected as Lay Members of the Deanery Synod:







The following were elected as Lay Members of the Parochial Church Council:



















APCM 2020


Like everything else this year, the Annual Parochial Church Meeting was ‘different’ in many ways. Provision was made by Bishop Andrew to extend the period during which the meeting could be held until the end of October, and parishioners could take part via electronic, digital, virtual or old fashioned (!) telephone from the safety of their own home. It was not quite the same as the fish and chip suppers we have enjoyed over the last couple of years, but a good number of people joined the meeting that was held in St Mary’s Church on 6 October at 7.00pm.


Our Rector, Harry Latham, was joined by Honorary Assistant Curate Christopher Hancock, Churchwardens Alan Jobber and Pat Kitley, PCC Secretary Sue Boswell, Treasurer Roger Kitley and Chair of the Octagon Appeal George Nixon. Also present in church and online were 17 parishioners and members of the PCC totalling 24 in all.


As usual, Minutes of last year’s meeting, the Annual Report and Financial Statements of the Parochial church Council for 2019, as well as a booklet of reports from the Rector, Churchwardens, Electoral Roll Officer, and other groups were circulated by email before the meeting. Copies of these documents are still available in both churches or can be sent by email for those unable to attend in person or ‘virtually’.


Alan and Pat agreed to serve another year and were duly elected as Churchwardens. Every three years elections take place to appoint Deanery Synod Representatives for the parish and we are fortunate that Jan Curtis and Michelle Cahill agreed to remain in post and were elected. There was no retirement of Representatives of the Laity on the PCC so the members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) for 2020 – 2021 are:


* Janet Curtis – Deanery Synod, Worship Leader

* Michelle Cahill – Deanery Synod

(* ex officio)

Alan Jobber – Churchwarden

Pat Kitley – Churchwarden

Sue Boswell – PCC Secretary

Barrie Fox

Charles Holme – Worship Leader, Occasional Preacher

Roger Kitley – Treasurer

Adrienne Lloyd-Williams

George Nixon

Joan Stocker


It was quite hard to look back at all the green shoots of projects, begun over several years, that have been stopped in their tracks by COVID-19: the monthly coffee mornings, the Benefice Family Picnic, concerts and many other social events that bring people together from the wider community.

Thanks to the hard work of Harry, Christopher, and a team of technical assistants Sunday services, the Wednesday Pilgrim group, Friday Healing Prayer with Bible Study and Standing Committee and PCC meetings continue courtesy of Zoom and Face Book.


Jan Curtis and Sue Boswell put together a telephone buddy system to make sure we kept contact with each other, especially important in the early days of the virus. Charlie Holme recruited new volunteers to contribute to the Prayer Network so that he could send out daily prayer opportunities.


The reopening of churches for worship has been a gradual process that still requires a lot of planning to conform to changing guidance from the government. However, we now offer live services in each church in the parish on Sundays thanks to a dedicated team behind the scenes. Thanks also go to Michelle and Pat for the steady stream of information they put out to keep you all informed about what is happening, despite the restrictions on social gatherings.


There have been no constants during this year, and it is unlikely that we can slip back into the old routine any time soon, but George’s report to the meeting on the Octagon project provided a real beacon of hope. In his report Harry reminded us that he ended the 2018 APCM with a verse from 1 Corinthians 3. verse 6 where St Paul writes: ‘I planted the seed, Apollos watered is, but God has been making it grow.’ All gardeners know that their crops can be affected by drought, flooding, pestilence, and strange weather patterns, but as this beautiful building arises from the ground let us look forward to building a different, but equally exciting future in our parish.


Pat Kitley



Meeting to Elect Churchwardens and APCM meeting 23 April 2017, St Mary’s, Headley



George Nixon – Chairman - Churchwarden

Alan Jobber - Churchwarden

Janet Curtis – Deputy Churchwarden

Sally Hunt – Treasurer

Pat Kitley – Secretary                                + 41 Parishioners



The meeting opened with a prayer. George Nixon welcomed everyone and explained that the Rural Dean had authorised him to chair the meetings as we are in vacancy.


1.  Apologies for Absence

 There were apologies for absence from: Lindsay Boswell, Peter and Janet Ellis, Margaret Manly, Geoff Clowser, Shelley Good, Jan Biscoe, Geoffrey Robb, Angela Deeprose, Una Miller, John and Anne Glasscock, Sir Michael Pickard, Bill and Margaret Donnelly, Carmel Laverty.


2. Meeting to Elect Churchwardens

a. Notices convening the Meeting have been displayed at both St Mary’s and St Andrew’s Churches for two Sundays prior to the meeting.

b. The Minutes of the Meeting to Elect Churchwardens held on 10 April 2016 were circulated before the meeting, agreed and signed by the Chair.

c. George reported that there were two nominations for churchwardens:

Alan Jobber was proposed by Bob Hulf and seconded by KathThompson and Pat Kitley was proposed by Jan Curtis and seconded by Thelma Jackson. Their election was approved by the meeting.

d. George thanked them for agreeing to take on this important and prestigious role. As he is standing down as Churchwarden he thanked Jan, his Deputy Churchwarden, and Pat as PCC Secretary, for all their support and presented them with gifts.


3. The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)

a. Notices convening the Meeting have been displayed in both St Mary’s and St Andrew’s Churches for two Sundays prior to the meeting.

b. The Minutes of the APCM held on 10 April 2016 were circulated prior to the meeting, were approved by those present and signed by the Chair. 


4. Report of the Electoral Roll Officer

Pat Kitley reported that there are 112 people on the Electoral Roll, of whom 64 are residents.


5. The election of two representatives to the Deanery Synod until 2020

Nominations were received for:

Michelle Cahill proposed by Alan Jobber, seconded by Sally Hunt.

Janet Curtis proposed by Alan Jobber, seconded by Jan Curtis.

They were elected unanimously.


6. Election of Representatives of the Laity to serve on the PCC for the ensuing year.

a. Adrienne Lloyd-Williams and Sally Hunt stood down having completed the maximum term of six years. Paula Scull and Shirley Wilson also stood down during the year. George presented them with gifts of appreciation for all their hard work.

b. The following nominations have been received for election of lay members to the PCC 

George Nixon: proposed by Joan Stocker, seconded by Geoff Clowser.

Joan Stocker: proposed by Geoff Clowser, seconded by Jan Curtis.

Barrie Fox: proposed by Alan Jobber, seconded by Jan Curtis.

Michelle Cahill: proposed by Jon Laverty, seconded by Charles Holme.

Sue Boswell: proposed by Jon Laverty, seconded by Jane Pickard.

They were voted on unanimously.

c. The remaining lay members of the PCC were willing to stand for re-election and the appointments were approved by the meeting. In addition to Churchwardens Alan Jobber and Pat Kitley, Deputy Churchwarden Jan Curtis, Occasional Preacher Charles Holme, the lay members of the PCC are: Roger Kitley, Jonathan Laverty and Celia Toms. Sally Hunt is ex officio Treasurer.


7. The Election of Sidesmen at St Mary’s and St Andrew’s

George read out the names for election (see report), and amended to include Glenda Lamden, for a further year. He asked the congregation for their agreement which was given unanimously.


8. Annual Report and Presentation of the Audited Financial Statement and the appointment of an auditor for the ensuing year

Sally Hunt presented and reported on the Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2016 which had already been circulated to the PCC. The Report is appended and its approval by the PCC was accepted.


Sally referred to pages 11 -12 of the report (appended) for an overview of how the money has been spent. The Parish Share of £45,456 is paid in full for the year. In 2017 it is slightly increased to £46,181. A request to the Diocese for a reduction due to the priest vacancy was unsuccessful. This sum has to be found before any other work can take place in the parish. She asked for questions on this section of the report but there were none.


She drew attention to page 5 of the report and the statement of financial affairs and reserves policy. She reported that we have recorded an excess of expenditure over income for 2016 of £13,717. We hold £289 in Restricted Funds and £42,508 in Unrestricted Funds. At 31 December 2016 there were cash reserves of £48,006: £15,000 on Deposit, £28,498 in the current Account and £4,508 held as rent deposit on The Old School. She thanked all those who helped raise funds by organising fundraising events, and to everyone who donates regularly to the Parish especially by standing order and coloured envelopes. The rental income from The Old School has been very necessary in keeping our incoming resources at a sustainable level.


Sally announced her intention to stand down as Treasurer at the end of the year but will continue to take responsibility for the banking of collections and Gift Aid returns. She encouraged people to consider taking on the role of Treasurer. She thanked Sir Michael Pickard for agreeing to continue as Independent Examiner for 2017, and he was duly appointed.


She concluded by reading a letter (appended) from Sir Michael praising the rigour of the accounts but drawing attention to two matters regarding the need for the Parish to pay a full share in stipend even though there was no vicar for over seven months of the year, and the scale of payments in respect of the proposed church extension at St Mary’s.


Sally invited questions from the floor, at the meeting, or at some other time:

i. Questions were asked about the cost paying the full stipend included rental income from the Rectory, the recovery of the fees paid to visiting clergy and the obligation to pay the parish share in full.

GN and SH responded that the Rectory belongs to the diocese so all costs and rental income goes to them. Regarding the parish share, the diocese budgets for a certain number of vacancies each year rather than having a full complement of clergy. The diocese does review its procedures from time to time, but we do not pay for the Rector’s expenses when there is a vacancy. The obligation to pay the parish share is moral rather than legal and there is some leeway for parishes that cannot raise the money. However, they tend to be merged if this becomes a problem.

ii. GN responded to the comment concerning the scale of payments for the proposed extension and explained that in addition to the archaeological and environmental searches, we had to work with three planning groups: The Victorian Society, the diocese and the local authority. Each time a representative made a revision or requested a change new plans had to be drawn up. It has cost a lot to get to the stage where we have planning permission, and this money has been drawn from the Braithwaite Trust. However, when the quantity surveyor came up with significantly increased estimates (£385,000) the team decided to halt the process while they explore the best way forward. The architect, who is very experienced in managing the church building process, is no longer charging.

iii. A final question asked whether or not weekly services would continue in both churches and GN replied there was no reason to believe they won’t continue as they are.


9. Reports from groups within the Parish of Headley with Box Hill

Reports on the Fabric, Goods and Ornaments, Proceedings of the Deanery Synod, Electoral Roll, Safeguarding, Pastoral Assistants, Choir, Flower Arrangers, Readers and Sidesmen were distributed in the Annual Report (appended).


10 The Churchwarden’s Report

Alan Jobber drew attention to the following key points from the full report contained in the Annual Report:

a. Appointment of the new priest: the appointment of Revd Harry Latham was made following a lot of discussion and support from the Diocese. During this process close links have been formed with Walton-on-the-Hill and we look forward to Harry joining us at the end of August. There will be some changes, but he will look at the needs of both parishes within the United Benefice. We are very grateful to all the support we have received from our visiting priests and congregation during this long period of vacancy.

b. Revd Christopher Hancock: we look forward to his return now he is nearing the end of his training in Epsom. It will have been a valuable experience.

c. J.A.M.: there has been a lot of support for these very popular family sessions at St Andrew’s. They are well worth a visit.

d. Quinquennial Reports this year commended both churches for the care that is taken in their maintenance and upkeep. The examiner does not often have cause to praise this so well done to all concerned with the upkeep.

e. Jan was thanked for her commitment and dedication to maintaining such excellent links with our visiting clergy.


11 Any other business: none was presented prior to the meeting or after the meeting.


In conclusion George was presented with a gift from the members of the PCC, past and present, with thanks for his guidance and support over the years.



The meeting closed with the Grace at 12.40 pm.



At the Annual Meeting of Parishioners and the Annual Parochial church Meeting held on 23 April 2017 the following were elected:



Alan Jobber

Pat Kitley


Lay Members of the Deanery Synod (until 2020):

Jan Curtis

Michelle Cahill


Lay Members of the Parochial Church Council:

Sue Boswell

Michelle Cahill

Barrie Fox

George Nixon

Joan Stocker


They will join:

Charles Holme

Roger Kitley

Jonathan Laverty

Celia Toms

Sally Hunt – Treasurer, ex officio