Prayer is seeking God. Coming into his presence. Sometimes that involves words, other times it may just be sitting quietly, not doing or saying anything. Sometimes we pray 'on the go' or in a moment of emergency, while other times we may pray with no other distractions. Just as we spend time in the company of people we love, prayer is about spending time with God.

There is no 'right' way to pray. Each of us will find different ways of connecting with God helpful. It's good to be open to exploring new ways to pray. In some seasons of our lives one particular way of meeting and talking with God works really well, but then a change in our circumstances can mean that 'rhythm' of prayer doesn't seem to fit in with our lives so well. Being open to trying new things can really help when that happens.

Have a look at the pages on our website for ideas and resources to explore different ways to pray, as well as resources to help you pray in times of crisis or struggle. If you would like to meet with someone who can listen to you and pray with you please contact Harry Latham.