Supporting our work

It costs over £85,000 per annum to run our two churches and we are sefl funding meaning we have to rely on donations of this amount each year to keep the doors open and the services running.  What we appreciate most is regular donations.  This enable us to operate efficiently and to make plans for the future.  The best way to do this is through the Parish Giving Scheme.  Please follow the link and click the "Give Now" button on the left hand side.

Please go to our Making Donations page to see more about how you can support our work and how your money is put to use

Our churches are full of memroies and wee offer special ways to remember those whom we have loved in our Light for a Life Appeal and through our Book of Remembrance.  Leanr more about them here 


The Parish is keen to share the Lord's love by helping those most in need. Below are details of charitable institutions and causes are we delighted to support. Please click on the name of each to view further details:

St Peter's Life-Line

Supporting St Peter's Schools and Community in Kajuki, Kenya. A remote, rural and desperately poor community.

The Meeting Room

A locally run charitable organisation for helping homeless, socially isolated and vulnerable individuals.


LeatherHEAD START provides emergency, direct access, short-term accommodation for homeless men and women over the age of 18.