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DONATIONS -  Without the collections in church services, your Donations are especially vital at this time to ensure we can keep our churches up and running for when life returns to normal. 

You can now  safely make an online payment by clicking the Give a Little link above.

Better still, to make regular monthly payments, why not join the Parish Giving Scheme which collects a monthly payment and handles all the Gift Aid adminstartion for us

We do rely on your support and we are so grateful for any contributions you are able to give.

Letter from our Treasurer 

We are sometimes asked how much it costs to run our Churches.  The answer may surprise you.  They cost us around £90,000 a year and we are completely self-funding.  We therefore rely on the generosity of our congregations, communities and supporters to enable us to continue our important work.  Perhaps you could help us too?  For instance:



If you value your local Churches, please consider contributing in one of the ways outlined below.

         To request a form, or for further enquiries, please telephone contact our Treasurer, Roger Kitley, on 01372 277491 or email him by clicking here


We look forward to hearing from you.

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