Parish Giving

The  Churches of St Mary's Headley and St Andrew's Box Hill

Dear Friends


We are sometimes asked how much it costs to run our Churches.  The answer may surprise you.  They cost us around £90,000 a year and we are completely self-funding.  We therefore rely on the generosity of our congregations, communities and supporters to enable us to continue our important work.  Perhaps you could help us too?  For instance:


  • £10 a month would help keep our churches open and warm.
  • £15 a month would pay for St Andrew's windows to be cleaned.
  • £18 a month would pay for the maintenance of St Mary's spire clock.
  • £25 a month would be a contribution towards paying for our insurance.
  • £35 a month would pay for the electricity at St Mary's or St Andrew's
  • £35 a month would be a contribution towards paying for the upkeep of our churchyard.
  • £36 a month would pay for the maintenance of St Mary's organ.
  • £50 a month would pay for the upkeep of the grounds at St Andrew's.


If you value your local Churches, please consider contributing in one of the ways outlined below.

  • Make a Credit/Debit Card Payment: Click on the "Donate" button at the top of this page.
  • We now accept PayPal: You can make a one-off payment or set up a regular payment from your bank account. Just click on the link to make a payment (you will need your own PayPal account in order to do this)  Donate with PayPal 
  • Make a one-off donation: whether it is large or small we can tell you how to do this, provide you with our bank details or complete the form by clicking here.
  • Make a regular donation by Standing Order from your bank directly to the Church.  We can provide you with our bank details so you can set it up with your bank or complete the form by clicking here.
  • Gift Aid your donation:  if you are a UK tax payer then any money you give to the Churches can be Gift Aided and thereby allow us to increase your donation by 25%.
  • Contribute to the upkeep of the Churchyard: To download a form, please click here.
  • Consider leaving a legacy: It is very important to make a Will in order to ensure that your money and belongings pass on the the people and causes that you care about.  When making a Will the decisions as to which people and which good causes you wish to make gifts to are very personal ones.  Gifts to charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax so if your estate is liable to the imposition of this tax such gifts are very tax efficient.  If you would be willing to provide for a gift to The Parish of Headley with Box Hill in your Will that would be marvellous and would help to ensure the continuing upkeep of our churches and churchyard into the future.  The Parish registered charity number is 1151029.   We can provide help and advice in this or visit

         To request a form, or for further enquiries, please telephone contact our Treasurer, Roger Kitley, on 01372 277491 or email him by clicking here


We look forward to hearing from you.

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