Praying in a Crisis

It can be really hard to find the words to pray during times of crisis. But God knows how we feel, and we don’t need to use any particular words to talk to him;  there are no ‘right’ or ‘magic’ words. Prayer is just about relationship – we tell God how we feel in our own words. But sometimes we might just sit quietly. God is with us, and he knows the cry of our heart. 

There is no struggle too big or too small to bring to God.  We have a listening team who can meet with you on a one-to-one basis to provide listening support. 

If you are struggling to find the words to pray, you may like to download and print off our prayer sheet just to get you started. It gives a few prayers you might like to use. 

Click here to send us a prayer request and our team will be praying for you. You are warmly welcome to join us to pray for healing for yourself or for others; we meet  once a month at St Mary’s Headley for a Healing Communion. 

God who is with me at my beginning and ending, you are with me now.
Help me to find you in the chaos of my life.
Let your light shine in the darkness
So that I may be guided
To walk in your ways all the days of my life. 

You can also click here to download a prayer sheet with some prayer ideas on it you can use at home.

Pray for Ukraine