Prayer Wall

Welcome to our Prayer Wall. 

Here, you can add names of people or situations which are particularly on your mind. 

Please give the Name of the person/situation and any additional details you might wish to add. For example, 'for William struggling in isolation' or 'for Louise in hospital with Covid-19'.  The prayers do not, of course, need to be limited to the current pandemic crisis.

To add a Prayer to the Wall

Please click here to email: Prayer Requests

Alternatively, please phone 01737 842407 and leave a message or send a message via Facebook:

Prayers will be dated and remain on the wall for two weeks - if you wish for them to remain longer, please send an update.

Remember we are always here to listen and offer help. Click here for details of how to contact us. You aren't alone.

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God answers Prayers

We thank our dear Father for good news and for prayers answered...

20th May - RICHARD was struggling with crippling anxiety and is now, according to friends, back to his normal self.

13th May - JANET POTTER has made a remarkable recovery and was allowed home last Saturday, having been in Intensive Care with COVID-19.