The Prayer Network

The Aim

The prayer network was launched in 2013 to raise the profile of personal prayer in the parish.

How it works

Each week 2 prayers or messages about praying are delivered to your email address on a Monday and a Thursday.  [When churches have been closed the number of messages hare  been increased to 6 per week.]  At this point 860 messages have been sent.  There were 6 people on the Network when launched, now it is about 120. 

All messages are sent BCC. and are generally fairly short although some are longer.   

They are based on the Church of England lectionary of readings and are generated locally by local people.

There is no cost.

To join, click here to email

Leaving the Network is simple – an email, without a reason or explanation is all that’s required.  Few people leave the Network, as they often find something that is particularly relevant to their current situation.

Here is a sample of appreciation from a Network member:

“The Prayer Network is a regular source of inspiration. I have often been praying about a particular situation and the Network prayer will really strike a chord. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to everybody."